Red Wines That Start With S

1. Sangiovese
2. Syrah
3. Shiraz
4. Sangiovese Grosso
5. Saperavi
6. Super Tuscan
7. Sagrantino
8. St. Laurent
9. Silvaner
10. Spätburgunder
11. Sagiovese Piccolo
12. St. George
13. Syrah-Cabernet Sauvignon blend
14. Sanviovese di Romagna
15. Syrah-Viognier blend
16. Salon
17. Sforzato
18. Saint-Emilion
19. Sauvignonasse
20. St. Amant
21. Samos
22. Sauternes
23. Sancerre rouge
24. Savagnin
25. Schioppettino
26. Saint Joseph
27. Santenay
28. Saint-Estèphe
29. Saint-Julien
30. Saint-Marcoux

Please note that some of these wines may have alternative names, regional variations, or slight variations in spelling.

More About Red Wines That Start With S

Welcome to the world of red wines that begin with the letter ‘S’! In this captivating journey through sumptuous flavors and rich aromas, we will dive into a selection of exquisite wines that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate. From renowned classics to hidden gems waiting to be discovered, we invite you to explore this enticing collection of red wines that will surely leave you craving for more.

Seldom do we encounter a series of wines that generate such curiosity and fascination as those that fall under the ‘S’ category. Ranging from bold and full-bodied to elegant and refined, these wines paint a diverse and captivating picture of the red wine world. Embark on this adventure with us as we delve into the seductive universe of sensational ‘S’ red wines.

Let us kick things off with one of the most beloved and acclaimed red wines the world has to offer: Shiraz. Hailing from the lush vineyards of Australia, this powerful and robust varietal has garnered a global following due to its full-bodied nature, ripe fruit flavors, and distinct peppery notes. Expect to be enticed by its velvety texture that dances on your palate, leaving a trail of luscious, dark berry flavors with every sip.

As we continue our voyage through the realm of ‘S’ red wines, we find ourselves transported to the enchanting vineyards of Bordeaux, where the renowned Saint-Émilion awaits. This appellation is synonymous with elegance and finesse, capturing the essence of the Merlot grape with a touch of Cabernet Franc. The outcome is an irresistible combination of ripe fruits, delicate tannins, and a graceful structure that paints a masterpiece on the taste buds.

While Bordeaux takes center stage in the red wine world, do not overlook the allure of Spanish red wines, particularly the striking and enigmatic Rioja. Crafted primarily from the Tempranillo grape, Rioja wines boast a remarkable complexity that marries luscious fruit flavors with hints of vanilla and spice derived from meticulous oak aging. Known for both their finesse and power, these wines encapsulate the spirit of Spain, taking your senses on a captivating journey.

Next, we invite you to savor the beauty of Sangiovese, the pride of Tuscany, Italy. This indigenous grape variety forms the backbone of iconic wines such as Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino. Be prepared to be enamored by the graceful nature of Sangiovese, as it showcases vibrant acidity, elegant cherry flavors, and earthy undertones. Whether enjoyed young or aged to perfection, Sangiovese wines epitomize the charm and allure of Italian reds.

Our exploration of ‘S’ red wines wouldn’t be complete without a nod to Syrah, the quintessential Rhône Valley gem that exhibits an exquisite amalgamation of spicy and savory characteristics. Bursting with flavors of dark fruits, black pepper, and wild herbs, Syrah wines are an invitation to indulge in the decadence of the grape and the region’s terroir. From the silky and seductive expressions found in the northern Rhône to the bold and complex offerings from Australia’s Barossa Valley, Syrah never fails to captivate and enchant.

With this introduction to the captivating world of ‘S’ red wines, we hope to have piqued your curiosity and ignited your passion for these exceptional varietals. Whether you choose to immerse yourself in the power of Shiraz, the elegance of Saint-Émilion, the allure of Rioja, the charm of Sangiovese, or the captivating complexity of Syrah, we guarantee that each bottle will transport you on a sensory journey like no other. So, uncork, pour, and savor these remarkable red wines that start with ‘S,’ as we embark together on a delightful exploration in the pursuit of vinous pleasure.

Red Wines That Start With S FAQs:

Frequently Asked Questions about Red Wines Starting with “S”:

1. Q: What is Sancerre wine?
A: Sancerre wine is a type of red wine that is produced in the Sancerre region of France, predominantly made from the Pinot Noir grape variety.

2. Q: Is Shiraz the same as Syrah?
A: Yes, Shiraz and Syrah are essentially the same grape variety; Shiraz is the name commonly used in Australia and South Africa, while Syrah is used in other regions.

3. Q: What characterizes a Sangiovese wine?
A: Sangiovese is a red grape variety primarily grown in Italy. Wines made from Sangiovese grapes are typically medium-bodied with high acidity, red fruit flavors, and herbal undertones.

4. Q: What is the flavor profile of a Saperavi wine?
A: Saperavi is a Georgian red grape variety known for its dense, dark-colored wines. It offers flavors of blackberry, black cherry, and spice, often with a robust structure.

5. Q: How is a Saint-Émilion wine different from other Bordeaux wines?
A: Saint-Émilion is a subregion in Bordeaux, France, known for producing rich and elegant red wines with a higher proportion of Merlot grapes than other Bordeaux appellations.

6. Q: What does a Sagrantino wine pair well with?
A: Sagrantino wines are known for their bold tannins, dark fruit flavors, and a hint of earthiness. They pair well with hearty meats, such as lamb or beef, as well as aged cheeses.

7. Q: Where is the Schiava grape typically grown?
A: The Schiava grape is primarily grown in Northern Italy, primarily in the regions of Trentino-Alto Adige and the Veneto. It is used to produce light and fruity red wines.

8. Q: Can you tell me about the Solà Fred wine from Priorat?
A: Solà Fred is a highly regarded red wine from the Priorat region in Catalonia, Spain. It is typically a blend of Grenache and Carignan grapes, resulting in a bold and complex wine.

9. Q: What are the aging potential and characteristics of a Sagrantino di Montefalco wine?
A: Sagrantino di Montefalco is an Italian wine known for its remarkable aging potential, often requiring several years of bottle aging to mellow its powerful tannins. It offers flavors of dark fruits, spices, and tobacco.

10. Q: How should I serve a Schiopetto Schioppettino wine?
A: It is recommended to serve a Schiopetto Schioppettino wine slightly chilled, at around 15-17°C (59-63°F) to appreciate its vibrant acidity and red fruit flavors.


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