Anime Characters Start With C

1. C.C. – Code Geass
2. Chihiro Ogino – Spirited Away
3. Conan Edogawa – Detective Conan
4. Ciel Phantomhive – Black Butler
5. Celty Sturluson – Durarara!!
6. Caster – Fate/Zero
7. Chrollo Lucilfer – Hunter x Hunter
8. Crona – Soul Eater
9. Chise Hatori – The Ancient Magus’ Bride
10. Claire Stanfield – Baccano!
11. Chiyuki – Death Parade
12. Catherine – Gintama
13. Chitoge Kirisaki – Nisekoi
14. Chino Kafuu – Is the Order a Rabbit?
15. Chrona Makenshi – Final Fantasy: Unlimited
16. Cal Devens – B: The Beginning
17. Chiyoko Fujiwara – Millennium Actress
18. Cattleya Yvette la Baume le Blanc de la Fontaine – Violet Evergarden
19. Cendrillon – Princess Tutu
20. C.C. Tachibana – The Rolling Girls
21. Chihaya Ayase – Chihayafuru
22. Chrom – Fire Emblem: Awakening
23. Captain Harlock – Space Pirate Captain Harlock
24. Chiyome Mochizuki – Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan
25. Coco Adel – RWBY
26. Ciel Sigrun – The Legends of the Legendary Heroes
27. Copper – The Ancient Magus’ Bride
28. Ceras Victoria – Hellsing
29. Cornelia li Britannia – Code Geass
30. Chane Laforet – Baccano!

More About Anime Characters Start With C

Welcome, anime enthusiasts, to a delightful journey into the captivating world of anime characters whose names begin with the letter “C”. From the whimsical to the fierce, prepare to be enchanted by a variety of captivating individuals who have taken on a life of their own within the vast realm of anime.

Anime, a distinct style of Japanese animation, has gained international recognition for its imaginative storytelling, stunning visuals, and memorable characters. These characters, often imbued with their own unique traits, backgrounds, and vibrant personalities, have become icons of the genre, inspiring fans worldwide.

Our journey begins with a character whose name has become synonymous with determination and bravery Ciel Phantomhive. Hailing from the popular series “Black Butler,” Ciel is a young nobleman who, despite his tender age, possesses an unwavering resolve to seek vengeance for the tragic loss of his family. With his loyal butler, Sebastian Michaelis, by his side, Ciel embodies resilience in the face of adversity and exemplifies the relentless pursuit of justice.

Continuing our exploration, we encounter the enigmatic and charismatic character known as Celty Sturluson. From the enthralling series “Durarara!!,” Celty is a Dullahan, a legendary Irish fairy of Celtic folklore, now wandering the streets of modern-day Tokyo. Clad in a black bodysuit and a distinctive helmet, Celty searches for her missing head while navigating her adopted city with her motorcycle, resembling an urban legend come to life. With her endearing vulnerability and selfless nature, Celty captivates our hearts and reminds us of the complexities of identity and belonging.

Moving on, we encounter the fiery and spirited character Chihaya Ayase from “Chihayafuru.” At first glance, Chihaya appears to be an ordinary high school student, but her love for the traditional Japanese card game, “karuta,” ignites a relentless passion within her. With her unwavering determination and intense focus, Chihaya aims to become the Queen of karuta, offering viewers an engaging exploration of ambition and dedication while discovering the beauty of this ancient sport.

As our journey takes us further, we come across the fierce and loyal combatant known as Clare from the dark fantasy series “Claymore.” In a world plagued by humanoid monsters, Clare is a “half-human, half-yoma” warrior seeking revenge for the death of her loved ones. Armed with a massive sword and imbued with superhuman abilities, she battles against the forces of evil while navigating complex themes of power, identity, and morality. Clare’s resilience and indomitable spirit make her an admirable character, teaching us the significance of inner strength amidst struggle.

Finally, we encounter one of the most recognized and beloved anime characters of all time none other than the iconic Son Goku from the legendary series “Dragon Ball.” Goku, raised as a martial artist, possesses a boundless appetite for battle and a pure-hearted nature that captivates audiences of all ages. With his signature orange gi, spiky hair, and infectious enthusiasm, Goku’s journey unfolds across multiple series, captivating viewers with his incredible strength and unwavering pursuit of self-improvement. His embodiment of determination, friendship, and unwavering spirit has made him a symbol of inspiration for generations of anime fans.

From Ciel Phantomhive to Son Goku, the world of anime is populated with a vast array of captivating characters whose unique traits, stories, and journeys resonate with fans worldwide. These characters serve to inspire, entertain, and impart valuable life lessons, reminding us of the power of imagination and storytelling. Join us as we delve deeper into the extraordinary lives of these anime characters whose names grace the spectrum of “C.”

Anime Characters Start With C FAQs:

Q: Who is the main character in the anime “Code Geass”?
A: The main character in “Code Geass” is Lelouch Lamperouge.

Q: What is the name of the protagonist in “Cowboy Bebop”?
A: The protagonist in “Cowboy Bebop” is Spike Spiegel.

Q: Can you name some characters from the anime “Naruto” starting with the letter C?
A: Sure! Some characters in “Naruto” starting with C include Choji Akimichi, Choji’s father Chouza Akimichi, and Chiyo-baa.

Q: Who is the female lead in the anime “Cardcaptor Sakura”?
A: The female lead in “Cardcaptor Sakura” is Sakura Kinomoto.

Q: Is there a character named Ciel in the anime “Black Butler”?
A: Yes, one of the main characters in “Black Butler” is Ciel Phantomhive.

Q: What is the name of the protagonist in the anime “Code:Breaker”?
A: The protagonist in “Code:Breaker” is Rei Ogami.

Q: Which anime features a character named Celty Sturluson?
A: The anime series “Durarara!!” features Celty Sturluson as one of the main characters.

Q: Who is the female protagonist in the anime “Clannad”?
A: The female protagonist in “Clannad” is Nagisa Furukawa.

Q: Can you name a character starting with C from the anime “Attack on Titan”?
A: Yes, Connie Springer is a character from “Attack on Titan” whose name starts with C.

Q: Who is the main character in the anime “Chobits”?
A: The main character in “Chobits” is Hideki Motosuwa.


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