Guns That Start With P

1. P226
2. P320
3. P365
4. P938
5. P229
6. P938 SAS
7. P238
8. P227
9. P250
10. P2000
11. P7
12. P30
13. P99
14. PPK
15. PPK/S
16. PPS
17. PPQ
18. PK380
19. P45
20. P345
21. P89
22. P95
23. P85
24. P93
25. P96
26. P97
27. PT92
28. PT111
29. PT140
30. PT1911

More About Guns That Start With P

The topic of firearms has always been a contentious one, sparking debates and discussions with fervor on both sides of the argument. Today, we delve into a specific branch of firearms, focusing on a selection that all share a common trait: their names begin with the letter “P”. As responsible gun enthusiasts, it is essential to educate ourselves about various firearms, their history, specifications, and intended use. By exploring this topic, we hope to provide valuable information to our readers, allowing them to make informed decisions when it comes to firearms and their place in society.

One prominent firearm, commonly recognized by its name starting with “P,” is the Pump-action shotgun. Praised for its versatility and reliability, the pump-action shotgun has cemented itself as a popular choice for hunters, sports shooters, and even home defense. This particular firearm derives its name from the manual action required to load, eject, and chamber rounds, involving a sliding motion of the forend handle. With the power to fire various types of ammunition, including buckshot, birdshot, and slugs, the pump-action shotgun truly lives up to its reputation as a multi-purpose firearm.

Another integral member of the “P” club is the Pistol, a firearm designed for single-handed use. Compact in size and highly maneuverable, pistols serve a multitude of purposes, ranging from self-defense to law enforcement. Their popularity among concealed carry permit holders is undeniable, as the compact nature of pistols allows for discrete everyday carry. Some notable examples include the Sig Sauer P226, Glock 19, and Smith & Wesson M&P series, each offering its own unique features and capabilities.

Moving away from handheld firearms, we encounter the renowned Precision Rifle. When discussing precision shooting, the word “P” naturally comes to mind, as this type of firearm ensures pinpoint accuracy at extended ranges. Precision rifles, often chambered in calibers such as .308 Winchester or 6.5 Creedmoor, are commonly used in long-range competitions, tactical applications, and hunting scenarios where precision is of utmost importance. The combination of high-quality optics, match-grade ammunition, and a precise trigger allows enthusiasts to push the boundaries of accuracy and achieve remarkable results at remarkable distances.

Venturing into historical territory, we encounter the Pepperbox revolver, a peculiar and unique firearm design from the past. This early handgun features multiple barrels, typically arranged in a circular fashion around a central axis, earning it the name “pepperbox” due to its resemblance to a pepper grinder. Although outdated by today’s standards, the historical significance of this firearm cannot be understated. Its design showcases the ingenuity of firearm pioneers trying to develop firearms suitable for personal defense or battlefield engagements during the 1800s.

Lastly, we uncover the prominence of the Pump-action rifle, a firearm with a storied past and notable contributions to firearms history. These rifles were widely used during the early 20th century, especially in military applications. Renowned for their reliability and fast cycling rate, pump-action rifles proved invaluable on battlefields and in hunting expeditions. The combination of rapid-fire capabilities and formidable stopping power made them a preferred choice among firearm enthusiasts.

With this introductory exploration into firearms whose names begin with the letter “P,” we hope to lay the foundation for a comprehensive understanding of these firearms and their significance. By presenting information about various firearms, ranging from shotguns to precision rifles, we aim to provide our readers with the tools required to engage in educated discussions regarding responsible firearm ownership, their historical context, and their place in contemporary society. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into each firearm, unpacking their unique features, applications, and the stories they carry within the world of firearms enthusiasts.

Guns That Start With P FAQs:

1. Q: What is a handgun that starts with the letter “P”?
A: One example of a handgun beginning with “P” is the popular Glock 19.

2. Q: Are there any rifles that start with the letter “P”?
A: Yes, the Remington Model 700 is a well-known bolt-action rifle that starts with “P.”

3. Q: What is the primary purpose of a pistol that bears a “P” name?
A: Pistols, such as the CZ P-09, are commonly utilized for self-defense, military, and law enforcement purposes.

4. Q: Is there a shotgun that begins with the letter “P”?
A: Yes, one example of a shotgun starting with “P” is the popular Mossberg 500 Persuader.

5. Q: What is the magazine capacity of the Walther PPK?
A: The magazine capacity of the classic Walther PPK typically holds 6 to 7 rounds, depending on the caliber.

6. Q: Are there any popular assault rifles that start with the letter “P”?
A: One widely recognized assault rifle beginning with “P” is the world-renowned AK-47 variant, the Polish Tantal.

7. Q: Can you recommend any reliable precision rifles starting with “P”?
A: The Precision Armament M4-72 is a well-regarded muzzle brake used on precision rifles like the Remington Model 700.

8. Q: What is the weight of a common pistol like the Sig Sauer P320?
A: The weight of a Sig Sauer P320 typically falls around 25 to 30 ounces, depending on the model and configuration.

9. Q: Are there any semi-automatic rifles beginning with “P” suitable for sport shooting?
A: Yes, the popular competition-oriented rifle, the JP Enterprises GMR-15, is an excellent example of a “P” rifle for sport shooting.

10. Q: Which company produces reliable revolvers starting with “P”?
A: One reputable company known for manufacturing revolvers starting with “P” is Ruger. Their Ruger SP101 is a popular model.


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