Irish Names That Start With G

1. Gabriel
2. Gary
3. Gavin
4. George
5. Gerard
6. Gerry
7. Gerardine
8. Gilda
9. Glenda
10. Glenna
11. Glennon
12. Grace
13. Grainne
14. Grainne
15. Gwen
16. Gwenyth
17. Garret
18. Genevieve
19. Geraldine
20. Gilroy
21. Glynis
22. Gregory
23. Griffin
24. Gail
25. Garyn
26. Germaine
27. Gianna
28. Gillian
29. Gracie
30. Greer

More About Irish Names That Start With G

Title: Captivating Irish Names Beginning with ‘G’: Unveiling Celtic Traditions


Welcome to our exclusive exploration of captivating Irish names that commence with the letter ‘G’. Nestled in the lush landscapes of Ireland lies a treasure trove of unique and evocative names that carry with them centuries of rich Celtic heritage. The perfect balance of mystique and charm, these names possess an enchanting quality that has captivated individuals around the world.

Origins rooted in Celtic mythology and folklore imbue these names with a deep sense of history and significance. Each name tells a story, reflecting the beauty of Gaelic culture, landscapes, and the rich tapestry of Irish ancestry. Whether you seek an extraordinary name for your child or are simply curious about the charm of Irish nomenclature, read on as we uncover the allure of these ‘G’ names.

1. Gavin:

One of the more popular Irish names starting with ‘G’ is Gavin. With roots in both Irish and Scottish history, Gavin garners a sense of strength and leadership. Derived from the Irish name “Gabhainn,” meaning “white hawk,” it evokes the powerful, soaring spirit of this majestic bird. Gavin embodies a unique blend of resilience and grace that has attracted parents seeking a name brimming with authenticity.

2. Gráinne:

Steeped in Celtic mythology, Gráinne is a name that exudes femininity and power. Inspired by the legendary tale of Diarmuid and Gráinne, this name captures the essence of an independent and alluring Irish princess. Though often associated with romance, Gráinne is still a name of strength, evoking the resilience and determination of its legendary namesake.

3. Garrett:

Derived from the Old Irish name Gerard, Garrett holds a rich etymology that reflects Irish heritage. The name itself means “brave spear,” symbolizing bravery, protection, and steadfastness. Garrett carries a timeless appeal, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a name that bridges the past and present.

4. Glenda:

Intriguing and evocative, Glenda is a name that embodies the charm and magic of Irish mythology. Derived from the Gaelic word “glén,” meaning “glen” or “valley,” Glenda paints a vivid picture of Ireland’s breathtaking landscapes. This name carries an air of mystique, weaving tales of myth and legend with its unique allure.

5. Grainne:

Similar to Gráinne, Grainne is an alternative spelling of the name and boasts the same enchanting qualities. Meaning “grain” or “corn” in Irish, this name can symbolize prosperity and abundance. Grainne carries echoes of Ireland’s agricultural heritage and serves as a reminder of the country’s connection to the land.

6. Gulliver:

Gulliver is a name that invites a sense of adventure and exploration. Pioneered by Jonathan Swift’s acclaimed satirical novel, “Gulliver’s Travels,” this name represents a brave and curious spirit. Embarking on life’s journey with an open mind and a thirst for exploration, individuals with the name Gulliver embrace the world with wonder and intellectual curiosity.


Embark on a journey through Irish culture and heritage with these captivating names that commence with ‘G.’ Offering a glimpse into the Celtic folklore and mythology that has shaped Ireland’s vibrant history, these names bring forth an air of mystery, strength, and enchantment. Whether you seek a name for your child or simply wish to delve into the rich tapestry of Irish nomenclature, we invite you to embrace the allure of these ‘G’ names and discover the magic they hold. Stay tuned for our upcoming articles where we delve into the individual stories and meanings behind each captivating Irish name.

Irish Names That Start With G FAQs:

1. FAQ: “What are some popular Irish names that start with a ‘G’?”
Answer: Some popular Irish names that start with ‘G’ include Gavin, Grace, Garrett, Gemma, Gregory, Genevieve, Grainne, Griffin, Gwendolyn, and Gabriel.

2. FAQ: “What is the meaning behind the name Gavin?”
Answer: The name Gavin is of Irish origin and means “white hawk” or “battle hawk.”

3. FAQ: “I’m looking for a traditional Irish name. Can you suggest a ‘G’ name for a boy?”
Answer: For a traditional Irish name starting with ‘G’ for a boy, you can consider options like Gearóid (Gerald) or Garbhán (Gavin).

4. FAQ: “Are there any Irish names starting with ‘G’ that are unisex?”
Answer: Yes, one example of a unisex Irish name starting with ‘G’ is Glen, which means “valley.”

5. FAQ: “What is the biblical significance of the name Gabriel?”
Answer: In the Bible, Gabriel is an archangel who is primarily known for delivering important messages and serving as a messenger between heaven and earth.

6. FAQ: “What is the most popular Irish name that begins with ‘G’ for girls?”
Answer: One of the most popular Irish names starting with ‘G’ for girls is Grace, which signifies elegance, beauty, and divine favor.

7. FAQ: “Can you suggest an Irish name starting with ‘G’ that symbolizes strength?”
Answer: A suitable Irish name for a boy symbolizing strength and bravery could be Garrett, which means “hardy” or “brave in battle.”

8. FAQ: “Do Irish names starting with ‘G’ typically have any cultural significance?”
Answer: Yes, Irish names often reflect the strong cultural heritage and Gaelic language of Ireland. Names beginning with ‘G’ are no exception, as they showcase the roots and history of the country.

9. FAQ: “Are there any Irish saints associated with names starting with ‘G’?”
Answer: Saint Gregory, also known as Saint Gregory the Great, is a notable Irish saint whose name begins with ‘G.’ He was one of the four Latin Doctors of the Church and made significant contributions to Christian theology.

10. FAQ: “Are there any traditional Irish folklore figures associated with names beginning with ‘G’?”
Answer: In Irish folklore, the name Gwendolyn is often associated with mythical stories of enchanting fairies or mystical queens.


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