Words That Start With Wee

1. Week
2. Weed
3. Weekend
4. Weep
5. Weeny
6. Weevil
7. Weepy
8. Weeble
9. Weeds
10. Weepiness
11. Weeny-weeny
12. Weeble-wobble
13. Wee-hours
14. Wee-wee
15. Weeman
16. Weevil-like
17. Weedy
18. Weepful
19. Weensy
20. Weeping
21. Weeny-meeny
22. Weird
23. Weepies
24. Weever
25. Ween
26. Wee’s
27. Weeper
28. Weenies
29. Weeny-bopper
30. Weekday

More About Words That Start With Wee

Welcome to the enchanting world of words that start with “wee”! These marvelous little expressions carry a sense of lightness and whimsy, captivating readers young and old. As we embark on this linguistic journey, prepare to discover an array of delightful words that will surely bring joy to your vocabulary.

The term “wee” itself holds a certain charm, evoking feelings of smallness and endearing youthfulness. Whether it is used to describe size, time, or emotions, words with this magical beginning instantly transport us to a world of enchantment and wonder.

When discussing size, the word “wee” takes on a new dimension. “Wee” implies something petite, delicate, and adorable. It describes objects or individuals that epitomize the expression “good things come in small packages.” From the tiniest wee creatures, such as wee bugs and wee birds, to miniature versions of everyday items like wee teacups and wee houses, these words make everyday objects even more adorable.

Words That Start With Wee FAQs:

1. Q: What are some words that start with “wee”?
A: Here are 10 examples: weekend, weed, weekend, weeknight, weeklong, weepy, weekday, weenie, weevil, weekend warrior.

2. Q: Is “wee” only used as a slang for “small”?
A: No, “wee” can also refer to something insignificant, a mere quantity, or the urine of a baby or small child.

3. Q: Can you provide examples of idiomatic expressions that include “wee”?
A: Sure! “Wee hours” means the early hours of the morning. “Wee bit” is used to describe a small amount or quantity.

4. Q: Are there any famous songs with “wee” in the title?
A: Yes, one famous song is “Wee Small Hours of the Morning,” recorded by Frank Sinatra.

5. Q: Are there any common Scottish words with “wee”?
A: Yes, “wee” is frequently used in Scottish English to mean small or little, such as in the phrase “wee bairn” for a small child.

6. Q: Can “wee” be used as a noun?
A: Not commonly, but it can be used informally to refer to urine, especially in the context of potty training.

7. Q: Are there any well-known books with “wee” in the title?
A: Yes, there is a popular children’s book called “The Wee Free Men” by Terry Pratchett.

8. Q: Does “wee” have any alternative meanings?
A: Yes, it can also be used as a verb, meaning to urinate, especially for a baby.

9. Q: Is “wee” considered a slang or informal word?
A: Yes, it is often used in informal contexts or regional dialects, though it can still be found in more formal writing as well.

10. Q: Can you give an example of a sentence with “wee”?
A: “After a long week at work, I can’t wait to relax on the wee-kend and finally have some free time.”


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